About me
I am an artist and a creator. A gentleman with a mustache and beard. A writer and a thinker. I must create to get out allot of things, all the ideas growing up inside my body and my head. I love to play with colors and shape and words. I enjoy to express myself.
A lot of things has happened in my life and I have been working with totally different things, like as a ski instructor, sailor, cleaner and nude model. Even if I haven’t  been able to make a living of all of them I haven’t died of any of them.
I am a qualified youth worker and a teacher in creative writing. Working with people has giving me a lot and it is rewording to meet children and work with them.  They are playful and spontaneous but they are also serious and have problems. It’s a giving and taking when you are working with people.
When I work with people it’s more difficult to write but easer to paint. I believe that I have to express myself large when I work close to people. While the small words and ideas for poems and prose is walking into my head when I am out strolling. It’s not always that I can recreate all my ideas and thoughts into pictures and words. Sometimes I need a little help from my friends and family to discuss and understand what it is to have to be released. The whole thing is a process.

In recent years I have begun exhibiting more and more, both in Sweden and internationally. I have had exhibitions at Agora Gallery in New York, Galerie Dikmayer in Berlin, the Galleria Farini in Bologna. I am also involved in various art competitions internationally with the final in Florence, in January 2016, and at a castle in southern France May in 2016.

Click on the link and you will se more of how I work.

It is an exciting journey that I get myself out with many new encounters, acquaintances, friends and places that enrich both my person and my art.
Other things which can be good to know about me is that I am a vegan, loves to listen to sound books.
I live in Göteborg but grow up in Karlskrona, Sweden.
How I work
When I painting, create, I use a lot of colour and shape. I want the observer to both see and feel the work. The motives should be living, moving. Putting on layers of paint.  I create in acrylic and spray paint. I often mix the paint with other substances  like sugar, glue, plastic, salt, flour and ash. I use them to form, to give the structure I want. When I use spray paint I do it to either to make shadows or to create patterns or depth. I use stencils and lace fabrics from secondhand stores, and net and so on.  With the body as paintbrush, I have made as my signature. To use the human body to form. I put paint on mine or some models body and then press the body against the canvas. This is something I have done for several years and I have learnt how to do it by practicing. The body makes an imprint.
When I have used the body I go on working with the painting, to finish it, to get the harmony between background and body. Until I am satisfied, or to the painting talks to me and tells me what it is.
The ideas to my creating I get from what I see and hear, feel.  When I am out walking, from the houses I see people I meet. From memories, the now, and fantasies.  Things that I like or things that I don’t like at all. From colors and shapes. Everything around me that makes me think and feel, something I want to transmit.
Personal orders
I make paintings on orders, like portraits and pictures of couples. When I make the background and wishes of colors but then I am free to make it in my own way. Then the come to my studio and together we press them against the canvas. A painting made for them and where they take part in the creation.

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