I am an artist, a creator and creator. A beard and mustache-adorned man. A printer and thinker. I have to create to get a lot of things out of all the ideas that pop up. I like to play with colors, shapes, words. It appeals to me to express myself. I have been involved in a lot and worked as both one and the other. Ski instructor, sailor, cleaner and nude model, among others. Although not all of these jobs have gone on to live, I have not died of any of them. I am an educated leisure educator and print educator. My work with people has given me a great deal and it is rewarding to meet children and work with them, playfulness, spontaneity, but also conflicts and seriousness. It is a rewarding and taking. When I work with people I get harder to write but easier to paint. I think I need to express myself big when I work closely with people. While the little words and thoughts of poems and prose make their way through walks. Then it is not always I can translate my ideas and thoughts into pictures or words. Sometimes I need the help of friends to be able to discuss and develop and understand what it is that needs to be done. It is all a process. In recent years, I have started exhibiting more and more, both within Sweden and internationally. I have exhibited at Agora Gallery in New York, Galerie Dikmayer in Berlin, Galleria Farini in Bologna. I also participate in various art competitions internationally with the final in Florence, January 2016, where I won a Leonardo Da Vinci award and one at a castle in southern France at the end of May 2016. It is an exciting journey that I have embarked on with many new meetings, acquaintances, friends and places that enrich both me as a person and my art. Other things about me that might be worth knowing are that I’m vegan, love to read books. I have lived around Sweden, and have landed on a small farm, in a small village, Almo, outside Leksand. I come from Karlskrona from the beginning

When I paint, create, I use a lot of color and shapes. Want to get a structure that is both visible and felt. Want to get the motives alive, preferably moving. Adds several layers of color in batches. I create in acrylic and spray paint. When I use the acrylic paint, I often mix other media such as, sugar, glue, plaster, flour, sand, ash. I use them to shape, give the structure I strive for. When I spray, I do it either to create shadows or to give patterns and depth. Uses me of stencils, second hand lace, nets, etc. With the body as a brush. It’s something I’ve been stuck for. To use the human body to shape. I paint on my body, or some model’s body, and then press the body against the canvas. It is something I have used for several years and have learned how to push, push and lie. The body makes an impression. After the print itself, I continue to work with the board to complete the work and process the harmony between background and body. Until I get satisfied, or the board talks to me and shows what it is. I get the ideas for my creation from what I see and hear, feel. When I’m out and about, of houses I see, people I meet. Of memories, the present and fantasies. Things that appeal to me or things that don’t appeal to me at all. Of colors and shapes. Everything around me that evokes thoughts and feelings, something that is aroused in me, something that I want to convey.